Pet Surgery & Anesthesia

When your pet requires surgery, you can count on the expertise and care of Richmond’s Wellesley Animal Hospital. Our veterinarians perform a wide range of surgeries – including those that require general anesthesia – in one of our two in-house surgical suites. We provide general outpatient surgery, as well as, dental surgery right here at our West End/Henrico hospital.

We know that surgery is stressful for both pets and their families, so we strive to provide every comfort to both animals and people. When you drop off your pet, our surgical assistant will thoughtfully outline the day’s events. A physical examination and lab work prior to anesthesia gives us important information and guides our choices regarding medications and fluids.

As soon as your pet is in recovery, we’ll call to provide an update on your pet’s condition and relevant details of the procedure. We can email discharge instructions before you arrive, giving you time to read and understand.  When it’s time to go home, our technician will meet with you and personally review the special care your pet will need after surgery and anesthesia.

Our Certified Veterinary Team

During the surgery, your pet will be in very capable hands of one of our pet veterinarians who are experienced in all types of surgery including emergency surgery. Our doctors will be assisted by a team that includes veterinary technicians and a caring, dedicated support staff. Every participant in your pet’s procedure will possess the appropriate education and license and is highly trained.

Our Virginia licensed technician will assist the surgeon in administering and monitoring the anesthesia. Once your pet is anesthetized, our technician will continue to carefully monitor blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, oxygen saturation, and end-tidal carbon dioxide levels with the help of sophisticated monitors and sensors. Fluids are administered intravenously in most cases. Subcutaneous fluids are used in the case of a very small pet like a bird or hamster or if the procedure takes less than 15 minutes.

Choosing surgery for your pet can be a difficult decision, but it’s easier when you know your loved one is in excellent hands with our professional animal care veterinarians. If you live in Henrico, near Richmond’s West End, you can count on our surgical team to ensure that your choice is one you’ll never regret. Call Wellesley Animal Hospital at 804-364-7030.

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