Animal Laser Therapy & Acupuncture

Even the most agile pets can suffer from aches and pains – especially when they get older. Muscles can be strained, ligaments can be sprained, and many other parts of the body can seemingly conspire to keep our pets from living active happy lives. Thankfully, we don’t have to sit back and watch it happen. Our veterinarians can help.

Here in Richmond, Wellesley Animal Hospital offers both veterinary acupuncture and laser therapy. Both methods have been clinically proven to provide effective relief for a variety of ailments. Both treatments are drug-free, requiring no sedation or anesthesia. Better yet, both types of treatments can be pleasing and soothing when applied to your pets.


In our acupuncture treatments, small needles are gently placed under the skin at specific points on your pet. In addition to causing a feeling of relief, acupuncture can decrease your pet’s pain and inflammation and improve circulation. Acupuncture can often be effective in the treatment of back pain, intervertebral disc disease, arthritis, and weakness due to nerve degeneration.

Laser Therapy

Wellesley Animal Hospital also provides laser therapy – a treatment used in Europe for decades and approved by the FDA in 2002. Numerous studies have shown that laser therapy can help with joint pain, ligament sprains, muscle strains, neck and back pain, hip dysplasia, burns, and chronic wounds.

In Wellesley’s laser treatment, specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light are used to create therapeutic effects as they warm and soothe your pet. This therapy can reduce swelling and healing time, increase circulation and range of motion, and effectively relieve pain.

No matter which treatment you choose, you’ll be in capable hands. In 2009, Dr. Mark Gottschalk completed 140 hours of continuing education in Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians from Colorado State University. All doctors and licensed veterinary technicians at Wellesley have been trained and certified to perform laser therapy. If your pet needs relief, why not call us today? (804) 364-7030

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