Dental Care for Dogs & Cats

Dental Care for dogs and cats is important. Healthy teeth and gums are vital to your pet – an essential key to living a long, happy life. Without healthy teeth and gums, your pet is liable to suffer from pain and inability to eat, as well as heart and kidney problems resulting in more veterinarian appointments at your local Richmond animal hospital.

Brushing and cleaning your pet’s teeth can make a huge difference. We can show you some simple tips to help your pet accept and even enjoy regular brushing. Even with good dental care, most pets will need to have their teeth professionally cleaned and polished at some point in their lives, and many pets will require oral surgery to restore their mouth to health. When your pet requires a cleaning – or any other kind of dental procedure – you can count on Wellesley Animal Hospital for wonderful care and expertise.

When it comes to dental care for dogs & cats, a well-trained, licensed staff such as ours is especially important because safe, effective and comfortable dental procedures require general anesthesia.

Wellesley Dental Professionals

Here at Wellesley, all dental cleaning and polishing are performed by a licensed veterinary technician – just like you would have your teeth cleaned by a licensed dental hygienist. Any diagnosis and treatment are made by one of our veterinarians – the same way your dentist would provide them for you.

In addition to our expertise, Wellesley features modern, safe equipment for a wide range of dental procedures including dental x-rays, specialized dental instrumentation, safe anesthesia, and sophisticated monitoring. Please see our surgery tab for more information on general anesthesia and surgery at Wellesley Animal Hospital.

Pets come from Short Pump, Henrico, Glen Allen, Richmond VA – and beyond – to receive our comprehensive dental care for dogs and cats.
We hope that you, too, will entrust your pet’s dental care to us.

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