Euthanasia for Pets

Euthanasia is considered when the quality of life of the pet is no longer what it should be.  We will help guide you through this important decision. Things that are considered are ability to eat, to move about, to defecate and urinate normally, to interact with people, and of course pain or suffering from terminal illness.  It is important that compassionate euthanasia is as painless and peaceful as possible. Medications are given to sedate and relax the pet and then an overdose of anesthesia is given that gently causes the pet to go into a deep sleep followed by cessation of breathing, heart beat and brain function. We encourage you to stay with your pet and comfort and hold them as much as you would like.

We perform compassionate euthanasia when it is best for you and the pet by scheduling an appointment.  The receptionist will prepare a comfortable spot in an examination room for your pet and show you immediately to the room, for your privacy and comfort.  Your veterinarian will come in and speak with you, answer any questions, and discuss any concerns and perform the euthanasia.  Sometimes, a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT), will come in and ask your permission to place the intravenous catheter.  LVT’s are very skilled and gentle and this is usually done in our treatment room, and so your pet will be away from you for a few minutes.

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